Animal House Testing Unit (AH)

Pyrogen and safety subunit:

The Pyrogen and Safety Subunit was established in August 2012, as a subunit of the bacterial control unit of National organization for research and Control of Biologicals (NORCB).

Since this date, the Subunit  is capable  of  Performing  both the Abnormal Toxicity  test  and rabbit pyrogen test (RPT) by qualified QC specialists according to international parameters (WHO, ISO 19025) and pharmacopeial guidelines using advanced and calibrated equipments  as  individual  Ventilation Caging system (IVC), pyromon modular system (software version: 2.6.9), etc. The main aim of the subunit is to ensure safety and the absence of any pyrogenic materials in imported or locally manufactured biological products in line with general organization policy (ensuring safety, potency, and efficacy of biologicals). These products are distributed through other departments as the Lot release, Marketing Authorization Department or Post Marketing Surveillance Department.

Animal house:

Animal house was constructed in accordance with international guidelines for laboratory animals in 2012. It is a place where laboratory animals are housed during quarantine and test periods of in-vivo tests of different quality control labs.

Our Creative Team

Ph. Mohammed Elkhateeb

Technical Manager

Ph. Amira Hamdy

Quality Manager

Ph. Walaa Mohammed

QC Specialist

Ph. Marwa Mohammed

QC Specialist

Ph. Mohamed Ekbal

QC Specialist

Ph. Mariam Ahmed

QC Specialist

Ph. Nourhan Sayed

QC Specialist and Safety monitor & evaluator

Ph. Doaa Hamdy

QC Specialist

Ph. Manar Hassan

QC Specialist

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