Quality Assurance department (QA)

NORCB Quality assurance department serves as the brain of the organization and it constitutes its deriving power. Quality assurance department establishes the quality management system implemented in the organization and maintains its effectiveness through continuous monitoring on its implementation in various units / departments. The quality management system is established according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

The department communicates the quality policy spirit to their personnel in the organization at all levels. The quality policy stated by quality assurance department and it is also consistent with Chairman’s vision and strategy for NORCB future. The department establishes and executes the internal audit plan based on the criterion described in the quality management system to ensure the compliance of the units / departments with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 to maintain the organization certification and units accreditation; respectively. It is the responsibility of the quality assurance department to ensure that the objectives are compatible with the organization quality policy and quality management system and follow up its implementation to improve the performance of the organization duties.

The customer satisfaction levels are also a concern for the quality assurance department, for this purpose a customer satisfaction surveys are carried out including the investigation of customer received complaints.

The quality assurance department take the responsibilities of maintain smooth functioning of the organization duties through the professional performance of the subsequent duties. First, concerning the equipment, the department is responsible for ensuring a proper continuous functioning of the testing and measuring equipment through regular calibration and maintenance of the equipment according to the units needs and taking into consideration the critical role of each equipment.

Second, concerning the competence of the personnel, the department is responsible for establishing and implementing the training plan and monitoring the implementation effectiveness of the training for the newly recruited staff in the organization to reach the required levels of qualification before joining the actual work in the their units / departments and also all organization staff to promote continuous improvement of their performance.

Third, concerning the safety of the employee, the department put the rules of the biosafety system in the organization to ensure and safety of the workers throughout their activities in the organization.

Finally, the department advices the top management about the quarterly and yearly performance of the different sections of the organization, achievement done in various branches, internal audit cycle, objectives feedback, obstacles facing the work in the organization and prospective views in the annual management review.


Our Creative Team

Dr. Mona Kamal

Department Manager

Dr. Esraa Refaat

Safety manager,Internal audit team leader & GMP team leader

Dr. Yasmina Ahmed

Training monitor & evaluator and Deputy of Safety manager

Ph. Hadeer Alaa

Equipment monitor & evaluator and QA staff member

Ph. May Ahmed

Staff Supervisor

Ph. Aisha Mohamed

QA staff member

Ph. Hagar Abd Elmoneim

QA staff member

Ph. Rana Ibrahim

QA staff member

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